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Choose the right strength:

If you smoke…

  • Only once in a while or Hookah only, you can probably use 0% nicotine or 0mg e-liquid
  • less than 5 cigarettes a day you can probably use 0.4% e-liquid (or 4mg) e-liquid
  • 5-10 cigarettes a day you can use 1.1% (or 11mg) e-liquid
  • 10-30 cigarettes a day you likely need 1.6% (or 16mg) e-liquid
  • 30+ cigarettes a day you may need 2.4% (or 24mg) e-liquid

If you have a headache, nausea, dizziness or feel increased heart rate you should stop use immediately and if it does not subside in 20-30 minutes you should see a doctor. This often means you are taking in too much nicotine. You may want to get a lower strength e-liquid.

We strongly recommend that all new users purchase a 2-battery kit so you have one to charge and one to use while you charge the other, however you can purchase these separately rather than getting both at the same time to make it more affordable for you.

Choose the right kit:

If you smoke…

  • 5 cigarettes or less a day, a 650mah vision minikit should be sufficient for you.
  • 6-10 cigarettes a day a 1300mah single battery kit should be sufficient for you.
  • 11-20 cigarettes a day we recommend that you get the 650mah double vision kit.
  • 21+ cigarettes a day we encourage you to get the 1300mah double vision kit.

If you are a new user and live in New York, we strongly encourage you to visit one of our stores in New York and try the products so we can help you choose the right thing for you. This will save you money and will help you find the right product the first time instead of guessing by trial and error.

If you need to make your purchase online, our suggestions for flavors are as follows:

Choose the right e-liquid:

If you smoke…

  • Light cigarettes you are likely to enjoy NY4 or Raspberry
  • Regular Tobacco cigarettes you are likely to enjoy American Tobacco, Raspberry or Mango
  • Spicy Tobacco or Turkish Blend brands you are likely to enjoy CML
  • Blends (No.27 etc…) you are likely to enjoy Menthol/Tobacco
  • Menthol you are likely to enjoy Menthol/Tobacco or Menthol
  • Light Menthol cigarettes you are likely to enjoy Ice or Menthol

We strongly encourage you to get a second flavor in case you find you do not like the first flavor you ordered and suggest that you choose a non-tobacco or non-menthol flavor to try as well since most people only use tobacco or menthol for the first 2 weeks they use the product.

Choose the right tip:

VNY Vision Tank Atomizer

has a smoother hit and is slightly cooler but the tank lets the liquid in automatically so there is no need to feed it liquid frequently which makes it more convenient for driving. It is simple to fill and use and is disposable so there is no maintenance on it. On average they last between 10 and 20 days when kept wet. The flavor is slightly muted and it is better suited for Tobacco and Menthol flavored liquids. The video below explains how to fill and use it.

Cutie Tank

How to fill, maintain and troubleshoot your Cutie Tank from

510 LR Dripping Atomizer

with drip tip and cone is in our standard eGo kit. It hits a little hotter and you feel it a little more in the throat, but you will need to drip liquid into it manually (see video) every few puffs. It is a bit less convenient, but the feeling in your throat is much more similar to smoking. The video below explains how to use it.

The USB kit only comes with 1 battery but comes with a cord that allows you to plug the battery into a USB port in the computer, car or on a wall adapter and use the battery as it charges while it is plugged in. With the USB kit you can choose which type of atomizer to get with it.

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