WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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NYC FLAVOR BAN passed legislative process but would not take effect until July 1st, 2020 if it is enacted. Please call or check Facebook page for further info or if you have any questions at any time!

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NYS Warning regarding vaping!

We have been in business since 2011. Most of you have been our customers for many years. Over the years, the government has gone to many lengths to shut us down and get you to return to using tobacco products. We have been fighting them for many years. They have failed to get rid of us and now they are resorting to misleading vapers by hiding the truth from them.
BE AWARE! We are not asking you to ignore government warnings, but we are asking you to read all the information and use your own judgement to do what you feel is best for you.

On September 5th the NYS Department of Health put out a warning…
“Department Warns Against Use of Black Market Vaping Products”
The warning that stated…
“As of September 5, 2019, the Department has received 34 reports from New York State physicians of severe pulmonary illness among patients ranging from 15 to 46 years of age who were using at least one cannabis-containing vape product before they became ill.”
This full notice is at the link is below…

The FDA has also put out a warning against using black market THC products.

This week, the NYS Governor’s office will start asking people to stop using ALL “vape products while the investigation into the definitive cause of reported vaping-associated illnesses nationwide can be better determined”.

They think that vape products are a luxury, but for many of us they are a necessity if we want to stay away from deadly combustible tobacco products.

To date, not one confirmed case has shown any illness from using unadulterated nicotine e-cigarettes.

Although they have not found any cases of vaping related illness shown to be caused by vaping nicotine e-liquid, they are issuing this warning because some of the affected people stated that they had “only used nicotine products”. We suspect that these statements were made by young people who did not want to admit using illegal drugs.

After selling the same e-liquid for over 8 years, not one of our customers has had ever lung related illness related to vaping nicotine products. Here is a link to the press release issued by our trade association.
New York State Vapor Association
VapeNY is a member of the New York State Vapor Associaton (NYSVA),our trade association that fights for our industry here in New York. Your purchases with us help fund the fight to keep vaping legal here in New York.

For nearly a decade, Bonvape e-liquid has been made in an FDA registered facility and batch tested for your safety.

To check if a liquid is Registered with the FDA please click click for source and type in the brand name of the liquid.

We also urge you to join Consumer Advocates for Smoke Free Alternatives (CASAA) so you can be quickly notified of vaping news related to your area. CASAA is a consumer organization that fights for vapers rights and keeps members aware of urgent news and legislation affecting to them.

Our thoughts are with the families of those affected by these illnesses. We also strongly encourage those who use unregulated THC cartridges to be cautious where they purchase from.

Please watch our Facebook page or check Twitter for additional updates so we do not have to send out numerous emails and fill up your inbox! You will also find articles and information there to share with loved ones concerned about your health.

Thank you for your loyalty and support and please call any time with questions…


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