WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


VapeNY Hints and Tips

What is eLiquid?

We only carry liquid made in FDA registered labs which is made in a sterile environment and batch tested for your safety.

eLiquid contains 4 basic ingredients. PG, VG, Flavoring and sometimes nicotine. Our PG and VG are USP Grade (pharmaceutical grade) ingredients.

PG (Propylene Glycol) is the chemical used in asthma inhalers and fog machines. It is the component of the liquid base that gives the throat hit. PG can cause throat irritation, mouth sores, muscle aching, and dry throat (most of which can be eliminated by drinking more water). Some people have sensitivities and allergies to PG and cannot vape it. The more PG in the liquid, the more throat hit you will feel.

VG (Vegetable Glycerine) or other plant glycerines are another of the base ingredients. VG is more viscous (thicker/more syrupy). It can cause a bit of phlegm buildup and can cause heartburn if the liquid’s acidity level is not correct.

Nearly all e-liquids are a mix of PG and VG.

Flavorings, while most are safe to eat are not all safe to inhale. Some studies suggest certain flavors are not good to inhale and for that reason we suggest staying away from some of the following flavors.

  • Hot Cinnamon – can have Cinnamaldehyde which is toxic for inhalation as well as being a respiratory irritant (Some root beer flavors also contain cinnamon).
  • Citrus and sour flavors – can have Limonene which is a terpene and has been shown to be toxic for inhalation as well as being a respiratory irritant (lemon, lime, orange, pineapple, etc…).
  • Dessert flavors (ie buttery, milky, creamy, custard, cake, cookie, waffle, muffin, pie, etc…) –These often contain diacetyl and/or substitute acetyl propionyl or acetoin. These chemicals have been shown to do permanent damage to lungs at high quantity over time.
  • Wintergreen, Rose and Banana – may or may not have oils in them or have a different viscosity from the rest of the liquid which can cause separation. This can cause the liquid to not disperse in the lungs.
  • Licorice flavors – Not conclusive.

Zero (0mg/ml) nicotine liquid will not have almost no throat hit and feels like puffing flavored air. If you smoke cigarettes daily, you do NOT want zero nicotine: the smoke is what kills you, not the nicotine. Some doctors suggest that smoking one more pack of cigarettes is more damaging than vaping for a lifetime. More nicotine = More throat hit. But TOO much nicotine can make you feel sick! Get the correct nicotine level for the amount you were taking in daily while smoking. Then you can lower the level AFTER you are off cigarettes if you choose.

Using thick viscous liquids in a tank can sometimes cause the coil to burn out faster. It does not always flow through small wick holes as fast as is necessary to get to the coil and keep it moist, causing the heat to burn the wicking material, making it taste burnt. VG liquids can be thinned out if necessary. Do NOT use tap water which contains chemicals that should not be inhaled.

E-liquid Caps must be child resistant and tamper evident. Do not leave e-liquid OPEN! Nicotine can be fatal to humans and pets if too much is swallowed!

When you eat a lollipop that is blue, your tongue turns blue. PLEASE do not use liquid that has artificial colors in it! It is going in your LUNGS!!! Most liquid manufacturers will make the liquid WITHOUT the food coloring if you simply email them and ask ☺

E-liquid is NOT OIL! Oil and water do NOT mix. Putting OIL or petroleum based liquids into e-liquid can coat your lungs with oil. This prevents water from penetrating through the oil coating and can cause water buildup in your lungs. This causes lipoid pneumonia and can be fatal.

What is an atomizer/tank?

An atomizer is the part that gets hot. Some people refer to it as a “coil”, “atty”, “head” or a “filter”. This should be changed every 1-2 weeks depending on what kind of device you are using and what the setting is on your device. You wil know when it is time to change it because it will taste burnt. Menthol flavors can hide the burnt taste so if you use menthol flavor and it has been more than 2 weeks look inside the top of the coil and see if it looks brown and dirty so you know to change it!

After filling a NEW tank or using a NEW coil, ALWAYS wait 10 minutes before puffing it so that your coil soaks properly. You can suck on the mouthpiece WITHOUT hitting the button to speed up the soaking process, but if you do this too much, you will get gurgling and liquid will get in your mouth.

Priming a sub-ohm coil (resistance = under 1.0 ohm) will prevent burnt hits. It is only necessary for a NEW coil. To prime a coil, put e-liquid onto the wicking material of the coil until it is saturated and no longer soaks up any more. Place the coil in a tank filled with e-liquid and let it soak for 10 minutes before puffing. Start at a low setting on the device. Increase heat slowly. If the coil tastes burnt, turn the wattage down and let it sit for another 10 minutes before puffing again.

Never WASH a coil. The burnt taste is a result of carbon buildup on your coil, and this is not often removed when you wash it. When heating an old coil, you are inhaling burnt carbon particles which can be hazardous. When switching to a new flavor with the same coil, you will taste the old flavor for the first few puffs and then the new flavor will come through. This is ok unless changing to a different flavor profile. For example, if changing from Coffee to Grape, wash your tank and change to a new coil first.

Some atomizers come in different resistances, but look exactly the same. They will produce different heat/vapor/flavor with different resistance atomizers, even at the same setting. Make sure you get the appropriate resistance for your device at the setting you are using it at. If you are not sure what setting to use, always start at the lowest setting and go up until you feel comfortable. Make sure it does not taste burnt or harsh.

Always turn off the battery before changing the coil so you do not accidentally hit the button and fire it while you are screwing a tank with a fresh coil onto the battery. If your device is variable, start at the lowest heat setting (lowest voltage/wattage) that will fire your tank to break in your new coil.

It is not recommended to use a tank while holding it upside down. This can get liquid in your mouth or cause your coil to burn depending what kind of tank you have.

Battery Information & Safety

Do NOT OVER TIGHTEN your TANK or Atomizer onto your battery!!!! This can push the center-pin down and then you may need to lift it up to make contact with your tank. The center-pin is the disc you see in the center of your battery where the threading is, in the hole where you screw your tank in. If you lift the pin too far, it can damage your battery permanently. The video below shows how to lift your center-pin correctly and carefully.

Battery lifespan is approximately 300 “charges”. They should be replaced when they don’t last as long anymore.

To turn a device on or off it is standard to click it 3x or 5x. Check your manual or call the shop where you purchased it if you need additional help.

Be gentle screwing tanks into devices. Cross-threading can damage the threads and make the battery useless.

Just because your device goes up to 6 volts or 200 watts does not mean you SHOULD set it that high. Please call and ask someone at your local shop what heat setting you can use with the atomizer you are using. Excessive temperatures can create formaldehyde which can cause cancer. Always keep your VOLTAGE under 4.2V. The wattage will change dependent on what resistance coil you are using in your tank. This happens when you have “dry hits” because the liquid cannot wick fast enough. This can also burn your coil. Do not vape a tank until it is empty. Keep it wet!

Using unapproved or incorrect chargers can damage batteries. Most battery explosions are the result of using incorrect chargers or batteries. Your batteries can get hot while charging, just like your cell phone does. Leaving batteries charging unattended presents a risk of fire and/or explosion if batteries begin to overheat and are not unplugged from the power source immediately. Use caution unplugging batteries if they are hot. Do NOT use cell phone chargers or ANY 2 amp / fast charger (for example.. USB 3.0, USB SS and Mac computer ports) to charge an e-cigarette. Only use the charger that comes with your device. Always check the small writing on the back of the power source and make sure the OUTPUT is 1A (amp) or 1000ma (milliamp).

If your device did not come with a charger, choose a name brand charger with a good reputation. When batteries over charge or over discharge as a result of a bad charger or improper use, this causes instability in the battery cells and can cause battery venting and explosion. Never use batteries that have become unstable. Recycle and replace them.

If your batteries can be removed from your device NEVER charge them INSIDE the device. Always remove your batteries and use a separate charger to charge your batteries. USB ports are meant for updates only on most of these mods!

In a multi-battery mod, always “MARRY batteries”. By labeling them X and X, it will keep that set together. Married batteries MUST both be purchased and used NEW and together. Using multiple batteries of the same brand and mAh is NOT sufficient. Older batteries discharge at a faster rate than new batteries. Married batteries should be used and charged together and NEVER use multiple batteries together that are not ALL fully charged. Never use more than one battery unless the mod is intended to have more than one battery.

Storing loose batteries in pockets with metal, change or keys without a battery case presents a high risk of explosion. If metal touches both sides of the battery and makes a connection from the positive to the negative end of the battery, it causes the battery cells to put energy back on themselves and can cause them to vent and explode.

Using Mechanical Mods (especially with sub-ohm coils) presents a high risk of explosion. There is nothing to prevent the battery from over-discharging or shorting. If you are a new user it is never a good idea to get a mechanical mod. They are antiquated and are much more dangerous than mods with electronics and circuitry that provide built in protection.

Using batteries or freestanding mod batteries that have been damaged, dented or have skin missing (so you can see the metal) or batteries that have been tampered with (ie the top snapped off and you pushed it back into the casing where loose wires can cross) can create a high risk of explosion. Batteries can be wrapped again if they tear. Bring to a local shop.

Although battery power is not being used when not vaping, leaving a battery turned on when in a pocket or bag presents a risk of overheating and burning as well as damage or explosion of the battery. If the atomizer or mod gets very hot, it can create a short which causes the battery cells to put energy back on themselves and can cause them to vent and explode.

Rebuildable atomizers are high risk. Building incorrectly can cause shorts. We recommend you learn about resistance, ohms law, battery safety (www.ModBatterySafety.com video below) and learn the proper way to build before attempting re-buildables.

Using sub-ohm tanks with the wrong battery (like 18650 batteries intended for flashlights) presents a high risk of explosion!

Other Information

When you put copper or brass into contact with liquids, they corrode. Using certain metals for RDAs/RTAs or drip tips can lead to inhaling metal particles. This is not safe.

Vapor INSIDE your tank may mean that your tank is not sealed properly or has cracked. First check the tank is screwed closed all the way and that your coil is screwed into the tank tightly (if coil is removable). If everything is tight, then you may have a crack in the plastic/glass part of your tank. If you cannot see the crack, wrap your tank in a napkin right after filling it and shake it to see where the wet spot is on the napkin. This will tell you where your tank is cracked, and help detect a leak. It is typical to have a small amount of moisture in the threaded connector from condensation of the vapor. This does not indicate leakage.

Troubleshooting Gurgling/Liquid in your mouth: Gurgling can be caused by accidentally getting liquid down the center post or into coil center during the filling process. Take your tank off your battery, hold a napkin underneath. Blow through mouthpiece one time very hard (continuing to blow will push ALL the liquid out of your tank). Once the gurgling clears, try vaping again. If it continues, check to make sure coil is screwed in tightly and tank top and base are screwed in tightly. If everything is tight, check your tank for cracks. If problem persists, your coil may just be too old to hold the liquid properly. Replace coil with a new one and see if this fixes it. Gurgling can also mean you have the heat setting on your battery too low to properly vaporize the liquid. Try increasing the heat slightly. Remember you MUST use wide bore drip tips for sub-ohm tanks at high settings or liquid can build up inside the tip and get into your mouth. If the problem continues, please go to your local vape shop for help. (PS with certain brands of tank, this is a common problem and you might consider a different tank.)

When taking your vape on a plane, put liquids in a Ziplock bag. No individual bottle may be more than 3 oz (30ml = 1oz). Empty your tank back into the bottle (if coil is clean, otherwise into the garbage so you do not contaminate the rest of your liquid). Pressure in the tank will increase when the plane takes off and cause liquid to leak out. You can also just turn upside down IF your tank is a bottom coil tank (this means you fill from the bottom when you refill it). CAUTION: Smoke detectors in a plane lavatory are NOT smoke detectors, but rather they are particle detectors and will detect vapor.

Do NOT place your vape in your front or back pocket. Sitting down with your vape in your pocket can cause it to break at the seam where the tank attaches to the battery.

You cannot use your e-cig for wax or herbal products…buy a vape that is made for that. You will find that at a smoke shop or tobacco shop.

DRINK MORE WATER when you vape… your body needs it to digest e-liquid.

How old do I have to be to vape?

In NYS the age to purchase vapor products is 21.

Can I use the device indoors?

In NYC it is illegal to vape where you are not permitted to smoke. The only exception to this is for vape shops that have a permit from the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

What can I do to help save vaping?

Consumers can go to CASAA.org to get involved in advocacy or write letters to your legislators.

Industry people can join SFATA.org to help stop the decimation of our industry.

Where to Buy?

We always suggest purchasing in a store rather than online if possible and especially if you are a new user. And NEVER purchase a nicotine VAPE from a “SMOKE” or “TOBACCO” shop or convenience store!!!! This is a HUGE mistake! Outside of vape shops, knowledge about these products is limited and although doing some research online might help, nothing compares to an experts recommendation.

One of the biggest expenses to a new vaper is buying liquid or devices that they don’t like. This means you will throw it away and not use it or you will not enjoy using it because no one taught you how to use it and perhaps you don’t like the flavors you got. Clean liquid, fresh liquid is imperative to a good experience.

The device is more expensive than your liquid so purchasing a device that is not the right style for you or does not last long enough is another big expense that is unnecessary. Always go into a shop and try different devices and get advice from an experienced sales person on which device is the right one for you.


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