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eGo battery


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ATTENTION: Please DO NOT Use any Apple wall blocks to charge your Ego batteries or devices with our USB cables, they will damage your charger and/or your device and VOID YOUR WARRANTY!!

Standard Ego Selection Guide

  • Black and Stainless: 350/650/1300mah
  • Red, White and Blue: 650/1300mah
  • Pink, Purple and Green: 650/1100 mah only

Designer Ego Battery Selection Guide (see Photo) –All designer ego batteries are available in 650 and 1100 mah, unless noted.

  • Carbon Fiber(#1-4,12-15): Metallic Carbon Fiber pattern, available in Blue, Silver, Gray and Black.
  • Circuit Board(#5,16): Stainless steel with embossed black circuit pattern
  • Dragon(#6,17): Stainless steel with embossed black dragon pattern.
  • Checker Board(#7,18): Stainless steel with embossed alternating black/silver squares
  • Black Diamond(#8,19): Black with sparkly embossed diamond pattern
  • Purple paisley(#9,20): Lilac with sparkly silver and purple paisley pattern
  • Crackle(#10): Silver embossed crackle pattern  1100 mah only! Also available in Pink(#11) – one left!


The life time of the eGo battery depends on the size and how heavily you vape.
350 mah: 2-4 hours| D: 14mm, L: 45mm
650 mah: 4-6 hours | D: 14mm, L: 76mm
1100 mah: 6-10 hours | D: 14mm, L: 97mm
1300 mah: 10 -20 hours | D: 16mm, L: 90mm

It is always a good idea to have one battery charging, while the other is being used.

A few fast clicks of the button, usually 3 or 5, will turn the power off so you can put it in your pocket without accidentally activating it. A few fast clicks will turn it back on so you can use it again. Once you have clicked a few times, the battery button will blink a number of times to indicate it is on or off. Once the battery is on, hold the button down while you inhale on your mouthpiece to use. When the battery is dead and needs to be recharged the button will blink many times to let you know.

eGo Battery Warning!!!!
By purchasing this item I understand that the following things present a risk of property damage, death or bodily injury and I accept that risk and agree I will not take legal action against Vape New York or its parent company or resellers of Vape New York products in the case of property damage, death or bodily injury.
-Leaving batteries charging unattended presents a risk of fire and/or explosion if batteries begin to overheat and are not unplugged from the power source immediately. Use caution unplugging batteries if they are hot.
-Using unapproved or incorrect chargers not sold by VapeNY can cause damage to batteries sold by VapeNY.
-Using eGo batteries or similar proprietary batteries that have been damaged, dented or tampered with (ie the top snapped off and you pushed it back onto the battery tube) presents a high risk of explosion.
-Leaving a battery or mod turned on when in a pocket or bag presents a risk of over-discharge, overheating and burning as well as damage or explosion of the battery.

Additional information

Weight 0.0875 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 cm
mah (size/hours)

350 mah, 650 mah, 1100 mah, 1300 mah


Black, Stainless, Blue, Red, White, Green, Purple, Pink, Black Diamond, Crackle, Leopard, Circuitboard, Pink Paisley, Purple Paisley, Black Diamond, Skulls, Dragon, Checkerboard, Black Carbon Fiber, Blue Carbon Fiber, Silver Carbon Fiber, Gray Carbon Fiber, Pink Rhinestone, Purple Rhinestone


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